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Berlin: Embodied Meditation

Embodied Meditation: A Physical Exploration of Your Consciousness

KALAA Yoga Berlin, Lychener Strasse 47, 10437 Berlin

While most of us recognise the benefits of yoga poses and meditative practices, the apparent sense of difference between the body and the mind can tempt us to think about yoga and meditation as separate experiences. We might see the former as a way of getting into the body, and the latter as a means of reaching a transcendent state of consciousness. 

However, what if the difference between the body and the mind is not as real as it seems? It is clear, for example, that mental states affect physical health, and that physical activity improves cognitive function. So is it logical to differentiate between the two in yoga--which is, after all, Sanskrit for "union"? Is there a genuine difference between the mental and the physical?

In this workshop, we'll be exploring how we can use the tools of yoga, meditation, and philosophy to unlock doors that seemingly separate the mind and the body.

The lesson will begin with a brief introduction to the philosophical principles behind our exploration, along with the practical tools we will be using. We will follow with a well-balanced yoga asana practice as a means of exploring the mind, which will flow into a meditation designed to connect more fully with the body. After a brief break, we'll gather for an in-depth discussion of the philosophical and scientific theories of how the body and the mind function as a single unit, in ways which can have very real and immediate effects on everyday life. We will then end the day with a restorative yoga practice that will weave it all together!

You will leave this workshop with a greater understanding of how the embodied mind can contribute to health in all its forms, excellence in all pursuits, and an ability to appreciate the richness of each moment.

Open to all levels of yoga experience!

€45, or book both Friday evening and Saturday together for €10 off!

18 + 19 Aug Both Workshops (€10 off)
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