In which we look at the psychological and neuroscientific background of laughter; combine an interrobang with a colon; imagine ourselves as aliens; take the piss out of Elizabeth Barnett; and employ a series of parentheses, brackets, and braces that probably only I find hilarious.  

In which we weigh the stupendous benefits of social connection against the virtues of solitude, come to see FaceTime in a new light, learn why Fido gives us a warm and fuzzy feeling, and discover that we're all cousins in a great big Royal Family.

In which we reclaim "sexy" for the nerds, bend space-time with our minds, learn about learning from both our hunter-gather ancestors and the octopus, and split an infinitive.

In which we discuss the incredible neuroscience of human movement, meet a sea squirt and a cup-stacking wizard, procrastinate in finding our own equilibrium, and consider the relevance of yoga & meditation in a universe governed by Newton's Second Law of Thermodynamics.